I'm a postdoc at MILA supervised by Yoshua Bengio.

My interests in machine learning include alignment, health applications, and data selection for large-scale deep learning. Before joining MILA, I was a PhD student at the University of Oxford under Yarin Gal, and I worked on learning human preferences and game-theoretical machine learning with David Duvenaud and Roger Grosse at Toronto’s Vector Institute, with the Center for Human-compatible AI at UC Berkeley, and at the Future of Humanity Institute a Oxford.

I studied machine learning (UCL), maths (Amsterdam) and Future Planet Studies (Amsterdam). I'm co-funded by Oxford and DeepMind.

Contact me

soeren.mindermann ατ gmail.com

Publications as first author

*equal contribution to first authorship
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Publications as senior author

*equal contribution to senior authorship
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Publications as co-author

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